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Forums always need good guidelines and a quality standard set forth in order for communication and dialogues to further everyone's basic well being and understandings as we strive towards advancing our species into a more sustainable and just world.  The guidelines set forth have been adapted and reprinted with permission from our partners at SeThInk Media who set forth these content guidelines as part of the Interdependent Project Quality Standards:


Earth Charter Community Network Guidelines

The Earth Charter Community Network acknowledges and affirms the natural dominant goodness of our species and provides this platform for us to engage in the creative work of learning how to live upon our planet in ways that are conducive towards not our ability to “survive” but our ability to truly live.

Content within this network therefore will reflect the following basic tenets:

  • That we are an intelligent species that is fully capable of finding solutions to any of our shared problems within our shared interdependent living system.
  • That the nature of the problems has been fully documented and available through enough sources that are updated hourly.
  • That the solutions to the problems have been under-documented and have had minimal voice within the arena of resources.
  • That solutions that address the problems through fear based ideologies and fanatical viewpoints have minimal, if any, long term capacity to actually solve the problems.
  • That blaming our problems on authorities outside of ourselves when addressing problems only takes us further from feeling empowered to make effective changes in our world.
  • That it is only from an inspired place within our hearts that we can truly come together in cooperative systems and develop communities that actually change the status quo. Humans coming together in fear only create more fear.
  • That because of this we need to bring forth and share our ideas and information that assumes the highest level of intelligence and capacity for contribution to those in our community network.
  • That the content we create and contribute will speak to the hearts and minds of people and not the panic and fear we are all feeling during these transition times.
  • That when we share our information we seek to educate in ways that inspire and motivate from a place of knowledge and hope - not opinion and repressed charge that damages the basic trust of our community members.

Also...that we strive through our contributions to create a platform that allows human beings from all walks of life to feel included in the process and not labeled as problem sources. This means that we don’t blame our problems on each other but strive to take our own responsibility through examining our own belief systems and choices.  


These guidelines are subject to more specific expansion or refined explanation as this network evolves. We want to thank all of you who have joined with the Earth Charter Community Network to deliver your message and brilliance to a collective humanity that is more than ready to move toward real solutions to our collective issues.


This network is under professional administration.  All members go through an approval process but and if you have any *issues please don't hesitate to ask for assistance by sending a private message to the Administrator.


**Spammers, Flamers, Cyber-Trolls, Solicitors, and any other entities wishing harm or bringing foul to this network will be banned and reported to the proper cyber-authorities.

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