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This guidebook is available to all Earth Charter Community members as a free pdf download under Creative Commons license.  This resource will be updated regularly with member contributions and all members will be notified of updates via community broadcast. 

This guidebook has active hyperlinks for downloading all resources and website links where applicable. 

Please contribute your edits, additions, and resources in the Resource Sharing part of the forum. 


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to use this guidebook
  3. How to contribute to the guidebook
  4. Resources:
  • Earth Charter Brochure
  • Earth Charter Endorsement Form
  • Earth Charter Endorsement Certificate
  • Earth Charter Flyer
  • Earth Charter Poster
  • Earth Charter Power Point Presentation
  • Earth Charter Action Tool- EarthCAT
  • Transition Towns Handbook
  • Community Resilience Toolkit
  • Earth Charter Merchandise

    5.  How to start onLine & onGround group

  1. OnLine - Linking Up
  • Earth Charter Community Network Quick Guide
  • Instructions on how to set up a group on the Earth Charter Community Network

    2.  OnGround – Tools and templates

  • Local Government Endorsement
  • EarthCAT
  • Community Resilience Tool Kit
  • Transition Towns Handbook
  • Planet Earth Scouts
  • EcoVillage Agenda
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Film Events

6.  More Resources & Links


June 25th, 2001 The U.S. Conference of Mayors passed a resolution that states: “The US Conference of Mayors endorses the Earth Charter and commits the organization to the realization of its aim. And urges its mayors and their cities to formally review and debate the Earth Charter and its relationship to its work.”

When the United States Mayors association endorsed the Earth Charter a door opened for local governments all over the country to use the Earth Charter as a 'backdrop' for general planning and overall sustainability assessment.  Many cities and towns are using the Earth Charter as a tool for their own unique efforts to uphold the values and principles found within the Earth Charter. 

Local Communities vary in size, composition, structure and organization. Sometimes they are defined by administrative boundaries, while other communities emerge from a shared culture and history. In all cases, they reflect in some way the neighborhoods where people live. A local community, as generally understood, includes but is not limited to the local government authority. School, business, cultural, religious and sporting communities all make vital contributions to the social capital and healthy functioning of a local community.

From the perspective of sustainable development, the local community level is where "the policy rubber hits the road" and government programs are given effect. This is also the level where individuals can generally be most involved and influential. It is increasingly appreciated that justice, nonviolence and peace must be evident at the local community level in order for these attributes to emerge at the national and global scales - a culture of  peace begins at home.

The Earth Charter provides a unique framework for assisting local communities to move towards sustainable development, environmental protection and a culture of peace. The Earth Charter can be used to help define shared values and goals, and evaluate progress towards sustainability.


QUICK LINK DOWNLOADS - All of these links are hotlinked in the Earth Charter Local Endorsement Kit & Activities Guidebook but here are a few main quick links for easy access: [note - there are many more links in the guidebook]


Earth Charter Local Endorsement Kit & Activities Guidebook

Earth Charter Endorsement Certificate

Download and print copies to give to people who endorse the Earth Charter as a gift. 


Earth Charter Poster

Download and take to your local printer to have them create posters of any size that can be used for display or gifts to groups/organizations that endorse the Earth Charter.  You can also purchase a full color glossy or matte finish 22x24 poster from the Earth Charter Community Store if it is more economical - print shops vary in prices so it depends on where you live. 



 Earth Charter Endorsement Form

Simple editable word doc that can be printed and used in a clip board when gathering endorsements.  Great way to keep in touch and build a list of contacts for your local efforts.

Earth Charter Endorsement Form Word Doc Version


Earth Charter Brochure

Simple 'What is the Earth Charter' brochure that has a blank space for your contact info to give to folks who you are sharing the Earth Charter with.

Earth Charter Brochure Word Doc Version



Earth Charter Flyer

This flyer can be adapted, altered, and edited to fit your unique purposes or simply leave 'as is' for a handout.  If anyone creates a 4x5 cards template (4 per sheet) please post it below and we will include it in the next release of the guidebook.

Earth Charter Flyer Word Doc Version


Download these example resolutions that were passed:

US Conference of Mayors Official Resolution

Berkeley City Council Resolution

Burlington Vermont Resolution

Seattle Washington Resolution

Please add your edits, resources, ideas, and other member contributions for the next release of the guidebook here. 


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